Today I’m going to be reviewing the Razer Cynosa Lite gaming keyboard which is what I’ve been using for the past couple of months. So far it’s held up nicely, looks great and serves its purpose but I’m going to go into a bit more detail about how it feels and its specs.

Design-wise the Cynosa Lite isn’t going to win any prizes but while it lacks the aggressive edges and tilted keys of more expensive keyboards, it’ll fit right in with anything you currently own and the former features are not really necessary, certainly not in a £30 keyboard. The cable is 1.8m which is more than long enough for most people and the Cynosa Lite does feature Razer’s Chroma lighting system. The latter is relatively subdued when compared to Razer’s more pricey options (which is the area in which it gets the most flack) however I actually prefer the smoky lighting to the rather obscene RGB present in most other keyboards. As for weight and build quality it might be all-plastic and coming in at 2kg it does lack the weight of it’s more hefty mid-range counterparts but it’s still very sturdy and the spill resistant keys are a useful addition.

Moving onto performance, the first thing to note is that the Cynosa Lite features soft action membrane keys rather than the classic mechanical switches. This may be a red card for gaming purists but personally I still liked the feel of the keys when typing and found them responsive, light and quiet when pressed. The keyboard features anti-ghosting and a ten-key rollover which is fairly standard, but it also allows on the fly macro recording when you press fn+f9 and the keys themselves are fully customisable via the Razer software which is very handy in most games. For me at least it’s pretty much perfect, I tend to use a controller for most of my gaming but I know that if want to switch to mouse and keyboard for games like CSGO the Razer Cynosa Lite is a reliable, high quality option to fall back on and it won’t break the bank.

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