Today I’m going to be explaining how to McNasty on flatwater which is a trick I’ve been focussing on a lot over the past month, even working to get it down on my offside (something I’m normally quite lax about). To be able to do the trick you need to know how to double pump and, for the purposes of this tutorial, how to space godzilla (which I find makes finishing a flatwater McNasty much easier than a loop); knowing how to lean clean is also very useful. The relevant blog posts for these are here: and . As in most of my tutorials, I’ll explain the ICF definition of the trick first – a McNasty is defined as “at least 150° horizontal angle rotation (or half a barrel roll) flowing into a front loop or space godzilla,” the move is worth 120 points and is eligible for an air bonus (even though a space godzilla normally requires air to score). So, how do you McNasty?

  • Step 1 – paddle forwards and then do a double pump (in this case on your right). The double pump is not technically part of the trick – you can just paddle backwards into a McNasty – but doing a double pump gives you a lot of momentum and increases your pop when it comes to the space godzilla.
  • Step 2 – when you reach 12 o’clock start to switch edges (almost like during a split wheel). When your stern hits the water you don’t want it to slice into a cartwheel end, you want it to land with a very slight left-side edge so that it skims the surface of the water.
  • Step 3 – just before your stern hits, remove your right paddle blade from the water and twist around to the right. Try to lead with your right paddle blade and remember to look over your right shoulder – the boat will follow.
  • Step 4 – your stern should now hit the water with a slight left-side edge and you should be reaching around to the right. As the stern hits the water would want to do three things simultaneously. First, crunch your body forwards to flatten off the boat and prevent it from slicing into a cartwheel end; this will mean that your momentum from the double pump works to skim the stern around into a vertical position. Second, switch from a left-side edge to a right-side edge; this will give you your pop. Third, use your right paddle blade (which was leading the rotation) to push down on the water as if doing a double pump (just without the initial forwards stroke); when combined with the edge transition, this is what will get your boat vertical.
  • Step 5 – you will now feel the boat becoming vertical and it should feel like that moment just before you throw a flatwater loop when you’re in a bow stall position, but you’ve already bounced and need to go for the loop. Reach up with your arms, look to the sky and throw a right-side space godzilla. Why not a loop you ask? It’s because the position you’re in when you come around and complete the “150° horizontal angle rotation” is a bit awkward and twisted. A loop will of course work with enough practice, but it’s a lot harder to kick the boat straight and you’ll find that it often falls back on top of you. On the other hand, with a space godzilla you’re following that twisting motion around to the right so it feels much more natural and a space godzilla is easier to finish because the stern slices through the water rather that pushing down on it.

Congratulations, you’ve just done a flatwater McNasty for the first time! I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful, if you’d like to be emailed next time I post be sure to sign up below!

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